General Info

ORDERS:   Orders must be placed using a written purchase order, FAX, email, or other document.
Telephone orders will be accepted for EXACT repeat orders ONLY, and must be followed by timely written, FAXed, or emailed confirmation.
REPEAT ORDERS:   Please identify repeat orders by your last PO number and date order was placed, or by our previous order/invoice number.
CREDIT:   We require payment in advance for your first order. Supply credit references to apply for an open account thereafter. We accept Mastercard and VISA. American Express is also accepted, but at a 3% upcharge.
ARTWORK:   $30.00 (C) minimum for special lettering or complicated art. Specific copy or layout desired should be sent with order or we will use our best judgement to set up copy. Unless otherwise stated, there is no art charge for straight copy (block letters), stock typestyles, simple designs, National Trademarks or if camera-ready artwork is supplied. Artwork send via email must be Adobe Illustrator EPS (vector) file for PC with all Fonts converted to outlines (curves). Call or email with any questions.
PRE-PRODUCTION PROOF:   $15.00 (C) for each mailed, emailed, or FAXed paper proof.
PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE:   $70.00 (C) for a one color actual sample, $25.00 (C) for each extra color.
HALFTONES:   $45.00 (C) per Halftone screen for both new and repeat orders. 35 line screen is our minimum and default.
TURNAROUND TIME:   Normally shipment is made 15 to 20 working days after receipt of order. We are not responsible for delays due to shortages or any cause beyond our control.
RUSH SERVICE:   5 (working) days - $140.00 (C) or 10% upcharge; 10 days - $90.00 (C) or 5% upcharge; 15 days - $45.00 (C); unless otherwise specified. (Not all products have RUSH Service. Call first to check availability).
IMPRINT COLORS:   Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Med. Blue, Reflex Blue, Ultra Blue, Silver, Gold. PMS Color matching @ $45.00 (C) per match, but not guaranteed. Stock colors are no extra charge.
OVERRUNS & UNDERRUNS:   Within 5% of the order quantity, unless otherwise specified.
COPY & COLOR CHANGES:   $30.00 (C) per copy change, $ 11.00 (C) per color change on any one order.
SHIPPING:   If no instructions are given, we will ship prepaid by UPS ground, (FOB our plant in Ohio, unless otherwise specified). UPS Overnight (Red), 2 day (Blue), and 3 day (Orange) shipping are available. Motor Freight shipments will be assessed a skidding charge of $30.00 (C) per skid.
SPLIT SHIPMENTS:   Add $25.00 (C) per release. Quantity pricing applies. Entire order must be shipped within six months of the date we receive the original order.
MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS:   Add $10.00 (C) for each ship-to address except the first destination.
ADJUSTMENTS:   We guarantee all of our work (not application) as we use the best materials available. Any complaints or adjustments must be made within 3 months of shipment.
STOCK TYPESTYLES:   We have nearly 1000 fonts available. All can be rendered in Italics.
We reserve the right to reject designs unsuitable to our manufacturing processes.
NOTE: All prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. If the price listed on your order is different from the actual price, we will notify you before processing your order. All pricing shown is in US dollars.


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