Thermal Die Cut Decals
(Kiss Cut Decals)

Cut Vinyl Lettering with Premasking

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Made from Premium 5 Year Vinyl with premasking for easy application.
Kiss Cut decals have the quality look of hand-painted advertising with the easy handling of a decal. Available in white, black, blue, navy, red, yellow, green, matte silver, matte gold, silver glitter*, gold glitter*, or black glitter*. 100 piece minimum per color without surcharge. Please state quanities and colors when ordering. IMPRINT is available for fine details.
IMPRINT COLORS: white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, medium blue, ultra blue, brown, powder silver, or powder gold. Color matching is available, but not guaranteed.
Apply at temperatures above 60 degrees. Apply only to clean, dry surfaces. For best results, use squeegee to remove backing, apply decal, and remove carrier, per the illustration below.
Measure the length and height of the decal image and multiply them together to get the square inch size of the decal.
We can produce up to 15" x 15" ~ Call for pricing.

Kiss Cut Vinyl Decals (with premasking)
Quantity 125 250 500 1000 2500 5000 Die
10 sq. in. or less 2.19 1.41 .77 .57 .45 .38 $75
10 to 15 sq. in. 2.33 1.48 .97 .69 .54 .46 $82
15 to 20 sq. in. 2.61 1.58 1.17 .91 .68 .60 $90
20 to 25 sq. in. 2.84 2.05 1.55 1.17 .84 .76 $107
each extra color 1.00 .61 .33 .19 .16 .09
each pick** over 10 .04 .03 .03 .02 .02 .02
Die Charge for first order and changes in copy only.
NO DIE CHARGE for exact repeats or on ANY ORDERS of 1000 OR MORE!!
No art charges for stock typestyles, stock logos, or if suitable camera-ready artwork is supplied.
Extra art charge may apply for special designs and/or complicated artwork.
Please supply a rough layout for clarity.
NO CHARGE for change of vinyl color (125 piece minimum per color).
Screen printed orders will be subject to 10% overruns.
Ten picks** per decal are at no cost. Extra picks @ prices shown above.
Lettering must be 1/4" or greater with a minimum stroke of 1/16". Type 3/8" or less will be upper case Helvetica Bold.
We reserve the right to reject unsuitable designs.
*Glitter material - add 15% per decal.
**A "Pick" is any enclosed area which must be removed manually like the insides of the letters "O", "R", "D", "P" etc. They are "picked" out of the decal. A "Stripper" is a thin slice of vinyl to remove the insides of letters without extra labor, and will be used wherever possible to keep costs down.
FOB Ohio.
NOTE: All prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. If the price listed on your order is different from the actual price, we will notify you before processing your order. All pricing shown is in US dollars.

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